Best Decklink card for 2160p fill/key output

Hello amazing community! Looking at upgrading my CasparCG setup and interested in trying out some 4K. The Decklink 4K Extreme card I have now works great in 1080p mode, but as soon as I kick it over to 2160p I seem to lose my key output completely. I believe this is because the card only supports one 4K output.

Is there a better card I should be looking at for great HTML performance? It doesn’t need to be Blackmagic, but hoping for 2160p/29 or 2160p/59 key and fill off the system in sync. GPU is a P2000 I believe and running a pretty well spec’d I7. Only need those two channels via an HTML template.



The Decklink 8K Pro is what you need. It gives you 2 channels of fill and key. But be aware, that it needs 8 PCIe lanes. The 4K Extreme only needed 4, if I remember right. If it works with only 4 lanes when you only use one of the channels is not known.

I once had one here, but because of the BNC connectors being positioned a bit too high up, was not able to get it into my PC case and had to trade it in for a Duo 2.

Hi, I have a system with Intel NUC Hades Canyon + Decklink 8K Pro and works like a charm.
Unfortunately I have no way to test over 1080, I testes either 4ch independent output and 2fill + 2key, very happy with that setup.
For production I use a thunderbolt case (Sonnet ECHO-EXP-SE1) with only 4 PCIe lanes and for testing I managed to connect to a M.2 slot with an adapter (and SATA power), but is a bit tricky fit.
Hope this help someway.

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