Beginner's question

I’m completely new to this. I installed Server version 2.2. It seems to be working OK. I know that after successful loading and playing some clips. I’m getting the output. Now I moved to Animate CC 2019. I watched some tutorial on YouTube (the one with most views, by Jonas) and followed it, in detail. After exporting to .ft file, I tried to load it from Server console and… nothing. All black. I found out that (probably) Jonas forgot to mention fonts embedding (otherwise it shows some warning during export). So I embedded those fonts and re-export. Still nothing. Next step - I found some simplest Flash example made by developers (SimpleTemplate1.fla). Provided .ft file opens correctly in Server. So Flash consumer seem to be working for me. Now I opened SimpleTemplate1.fla file in Animate CC and exported it myself to .ft. That is loading well. Good. Template Generator is not a source of problem. Also I know that I’m not doing anything wrong from Server side. Obviously - this tutorial on YouTube became obsolete or something very important is missing. I have .fla file that works. so next natural move was to remove all unnecessary parts from SimpleTemplate1.fla and add something most basic - just one dynamic text. Exported correctly. But server is all black again. Maybe dynamic texts are loading always empty to server, so I need to send something new, as values to them. Nope. Still black. Maybe something wrong with texts themselves. Added simplest PNG to .fla. Not even animated. Re-exported to .ft. Nada. All black. I tried everything in all logging modes - debug, trace… There’s literally nothing unusual in Server log. Everything seem to be loading perfectly, opening, playing. Yet the output is all black. What am I missing… ?


Can you share the file you had problems with to look at?

Sure. Here it is :


It works for me.

You should check the generator log for errors in the output panel. If everything is ok there, check the flash player version (if your OS not windows 10) and try downloading an older version of Animate CC, I’m using version 18.0 (Animate CC), I’m not sure how back they let you downgrade versions nowadays.

Thanks for the tip about Animate CC. Apparently CC2019 has some issue. I removed it, installed clean CC 2018 (without any updates) and I won’t touch it since it’s working for Caspar.

Need to ask one more question about Flash player. Initially, I used the 11.8…something (the one from main CasparCG page). Now I tested also some latest release (32…something). Both are working good. For Server 2.2 - is there some recommended Flash player version (i.e. that old ver. 11) or should I keep it updated to latest?