Beginner: Video Wall Liveshow Playout - Right Tool and some background questions

Hello there, I’m new to this forum and new to casparcg but trying to get my head around it as I think it might be a good step up from our current, vmix based workflows which for some projects just max out now.


  • Multi Day show outputting content to three individual led walls (each 16:9 1080p) that are sometimes stitched together into one big one.
  • Some of the content is static (Logos), some needs to be able to be edited and loaded into the system on the fly (winner graphics for example, for now it is thought that these will be edited in a graphics programm and sent to the playout system by replacing existing files in the background)
  • As the led wall is sometimes playing premade video files over the length of the three displays, the videos need to be triggered and played in sync
  • There is a live camera feed from local cameras that needs to be shown on one of the screen (middle one) sometimes, so (at least) the middle screen would feed through a vision mixer
  • all In- and Outputs fed through a video router for clocking etc.


  • Not easily doable with our current VMIX system as VMIX only has two external SDI Outputs and doesn’t let your trigger those properly (without companion and the likes) + you can’t add udpated files in the background natively, so I’d need at least two systems + some plugin wizardry to hook it up together, trigger three screens together etc.

  • Companion & Streamdeck to trigger elements together on three screens together and/or left&right screen.

  • One Hardware Mixer for VMIX 1 and all local cameras for the middle screen

As far as I see CasparCG would be a good solution:

  • Storing files on an external server, updating them on the fly, triggering playouts together, unlimited dedicated outputs etc.
  • Idea is to send outputs l & r to screens directly via the Playout System, Middle Screen output goes into vision mixer.

Questions that I haveso far:

  • Is my idea feasible or are there other, better ways of doing it? Is CasparCG the right tool for the job?
  • Do files update automatically in the rundown when replaced in the background?
  • We have a lot of content that is triggered simultaneously on screens l&r, that should be easily doable with groups, right?
  • Triggering three video files simultaneously on screens l, m & r: Do they absolutely play in sync?
  • when triggering all three files, can I send a cut command to the vision mixer (some blackmagic, tbd) so they show up simultaneously
  • Any other things / caveats / possible issues I should be aware of?

I’m not there yet with dynamic graphic elements, apparently they could be built in html and not in a graphics programm but I doubt that the labour necessary to set this up would be justifiable.

Sorry for the long post and if these questions have been adressed elsewhere, I’m really just starting out with CasparCG and evaluating it’s depth of possibilities.

Thank you very much for any ideas and pointers!

As you are also based in Switzerland, as I am, I would maybe make sense to discuss these things in person. Because it would be easier to understand, what you exactly want.

If you agree, write me a PM, please.