Basic setup with a Decklink Mini Monitor showing no output


we got a second pc for a second Caspar server which should be connected to the ATEM. The problem is, we dont get any signal in it.
Working with the CasparCG Server 2.1.6 NRK.

I have a very basic config, but as far as I know this should work:


When I’m running the server I’m getting the following error in the console:
Device could not find requested video-format: 1215313200 (casparcg.config: /consumers/decklink[1]). Turn on log level debug for stacktrace.

Could this be the problem, why we dont get any signals into the ATEM? And where do I have to put the to see the stacktrace for that error?

You probably have the old generation of Mini Monitor which only goes up to 30p.