Basic C++ Programming Tutorials Related To CasparCG Server

I have made some basic c++ programming language based tutorials to integrate CasparCG server and implement OSC socket in our client program on YouTube. Please share your views and comment, so that I can produce more of such videos in future. Thanks.


  1. Implement visualization of audio using OSC protocol .
  2. Connect your program to CasparCG server using a network socket.
  3. Inter Process Communication using Pipes with CasparCG

@ark1074 if I may offer my 2 cents, use the asio library for socket programming (non-boost version). It abstracts all low-level stuff and is cross-platform. At some point it is going to be a part of the C++ standard library (see, here).

Also, if you feel courageous, check out my osc++ library. It should also be cross-platform, as it only use standard libraries and it network-agnostic. :blush:


@dimitry_ishenko : CasparCG server also uses asio extensively. These lessons are simple toy implementations to help beginners develop their own clients without much hassle . Thanks D-mo for sharing your osc code.