AV Sync Problems

Hello Guys,

i just had really bad Sync Issues with Audio and Video useing 2.3.0 LTS. Think it was 1-2 Seconds delay.
After a reboot the Sync was in time, but after 30 min it was going out of sync again. I also restarted the Video on and on and it goes worse every time i started (no loop)

I use 3 simple Screen Outputs: 1 for Video Playbacks, 2 and 3 for Key & Fill Lower Thirds.
I configured the Video Output to use system Audio. All on 720p50.

Anyone with the same Problems? It was with WebM and also with MP4 (H264).
So i had to use VLC to playout the Videos and used Casper only for the Lower Thirds.
All Videos was converted to 720p50 before so that the CPU dont have to.

How could it happend? I hope to hear from someone.

Greetings from germany

I have this same issue constatly with my casparcg builds. Couldn’t pinpoint it so far. If you manage to fix this, please post back with the answer :slight_smile:

What is your System configuration?
I think it could be a Problem with converting Samplerates, because ist get worther constantly. I will Check this tommorrow.

In First i had Problems with filenames. So Videos won‘t show Up in Client, but know i know! :smiley: