Audiomapping Server 2.3

Hello to all,

I am encountering a new problem after migrating from Server 2.11 to 2.3.
I used a channel-config in my config file that allowed to map tweo stereo channels to eight audio outputs:

	<channel-layout name="16ch"     type="16ch"        num-channels="16"/>	
	<channel-layout name="dubbed"   type="multi"      num-channels="16" channel-order="FL FR FL FR FL FR FL FR FL FR FL FR FL FR FL FR"/>	
		<mix-config from-type="multi"   to-types="16ch"  mix="FL = FL | FR = FR" />

Unfortunately that does not work in version 2.3 anymore. I understand that I have to use ffmpeg-filters to achieve that.
However I am wondering if there is a possibility to setup this constantly in the config file.
Does anyone know a possibility to constantly set two audio channels to all eight audio outputs?
Something like filter:C2=C0|C3=C1|C4=C0|C5=C1|C6=C0|C7=C1



P.S.: And there is another strange thing: Server 2.3 seems to have problems with the German umlauts (ä,ö,ü) while 2.11 passed these without problems. Any thoughts?

You use them inside filenames? I never tried this, as I always name my files without any characters outside the basoASCII range.

Hi Didi,

Yes. I got some videofiles delivered that contain umlauts in the filename.
Interestingly the thumbnails were generated and the server return the file names complete in upper case.
But when I try to paly the file it seems to be case sensitive but only the umlauts.

I file called “Ä.mp4” is played when I send “PLAY 1-1 Ä.mp4” but is not played when I send “PLAY 1-1 ä.mp4”. With all other letters of the alphabet that’s not a problem…


Funny. Would it be a big issue to make people not using umlauts in filenames? Maybe in an organisation like ZDF it would :slight_smile:

I think a script to get rid of umlauts in filenames could easy be written.

Maybe this could help.

This is a bug affecting lowercase unicode characters. You can rename everything to uppercase and it will work fine. It is just a workaround though.

Hi didi,

Yes, obeying some strict rules is always a challenge for some people :grinning:

Of course there is a rule not to use umlauts. But there’s always someone who (more or less accidentally) names as clip “es_geht_in_kürze_weiter.mp4”.

The problem is that anyone from the graphic department can drop clips directly into the caspar media directory. I script might run on an import folder that does not exist at the moment.

So in an ideal world caspar could handle the umlauts. My workaround at the moment is that my client raises a message saying that the chosen clip contains umlauts and therefore can’t be played.


Thanks rrebuffo for the infos. I get what the problem is.

The thing is that anyone from our graphic department can drop files into the caspar media folder. So the filenames are given by these guys and I can bearly influence that they only use upper case or avoid umlauts.

I fear I have to stick with the workaround mentioned in my last post.

Thanks for the clearification.