Audio/Video Juddering on playback

Hey all

My Caspar server/client 2.1.0 Beta 1 was working a’ok yesterday during playout… But today the audio & video is stuttering on all video clips. No matter what the source format is. mp4, mov, etc etc

Nothing has been updated and the machine hasn’t been online so no way of updating (and updates are turned off). This is the first issue i’ve encountered in 3 years of use.

I’ve done all the normal checks, including playing the video files (many different ones) via VLC and the audio is fine on standard headphone out on the server.

I have a decklink duo card and am breaking out the audio via BM audio breakout unit. 1080/50i etc

My only fix was to go back to CasparCG server v2.0 which seems to be stable. But I would like to try get to the bottom of the issue as I use Photoshop Producer a lot.

Has anyone else found this issue?

Here’s a little video clip of the playback:
another clip with video

Thanks in advance

Has anything changed? Like the power source, genlock or any device added to the setup? I do not see the error on my handy screen…

No absolutely nothing.

The unit was sat in the OB van overnight (powered off) with no net connection! And no new kit added to the set up at all!

That’s whats so confusing.

…never power off the OB over night, seriously, we never do that :smile: But I know, now it does not help.

Yup, but the venue insisted on Cutting our power so we did it have a choice :frowning: