Audio Slowed down and glitching at 59.94 in Caspar CG only

Hi Everyone

I am having the following problem when trying to playback any file in caspar that is 59,94 framrate. The audio sounds slowed down, and glitchy as well ads the video has micro stutters. This is extremely weird as just last week i played back 59,94 content with absolutely no problem.

I also noticed i could get CG to play back 29,97 content and it would use its converter to double the frame rate and play out correctly at 59,94. However this has also stopped working.

I need to play media with alpha channel as well as inserts that don’t require an alpha. My Setup is as follows:

CPU - i7 3770K
GPU - Gt 740
Ram - DDR 3 1600 mghz 12 Gigs
Drive Adata SSD 500 Gig
Playout Card - Black Magic Decklink 4k Extreme

All files are H.264 Quicktime with a bit rate of 4500 kbps, have tried both AAC audio at 128 kbps as well as PCM audio at 48kHz and 44.1 kHz at both 16 and 24Bit. Changes nothing.

My current work around is to set my channels on CG server to 29,97, output that out of the deckling card and then use 2x UpdownCross HD’s for key and fill to convert it back to 59,94 for the ATEM. it works fine and the audio and video playback is perfect, however i don’t want to sacrifice two converters just for the purpose of ensuring Caspars playback works, when i have had Caspar playback 59,94 files just last week with no issue whats so ever.

Please can someone point me in the right direction!

If your pc can handle the load, creating a 2997 and a 5994 channel and routing the 2997 to the 5994 channel might work.

It would also help if you could post a log file and your config file.

Cool will do so tonight when am back at the studio. Will post both.