Audio routing from layers to different audio channels

Hi everyone!

Is it possible to play
Layer 10 on Channel 1, Audio Track 1
Layer 11 on Channel 1, Audio Track 2
Layer 12 on Channel 1, Audio Track 3

etc? If so, what do I need to configure?

Thanks in advance!

In 2.2 and later you need to do this with an ffmpeg audio filter. I think something like PLAY 1-10 GO1080P25 AF "pan=4c|c2=c0|c3=c1" will work, and will play the clip audio on channel 3&4

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And before 2.2? :slight_smile:

You could also try using layer routes and then do the “patching” with consumers.

In 2.1 you can probably do it with ffmpeg audio filters still (but I’ve never tried), or you can use the ‘channel-layouts’ xml properties and I think amcp parameters. This is essentially the same thing as the ffmpeg filters, but setup in a different way, so that you define the layout each producer/consumer uses and