Audio in AdobeAnimation

Hello I would like to put sound effects to my sequences of pngs created in adobe animation, does anyone know how that is done in adobe and how is linked? Thank you

And what do you do with the png‘s? AFAIK Caspar can not play sequences of png‘s directly

hello thanks, I create an adobe .ft file with a sequence, I create a template

I see. Alas you can not use the audio from Flash templates, it only plays on system-audio. To be able to play the audio out of the Decklink (or NDI etc.) I normally use code inside the template, that sends a comand to Caspar to play an audio file via a AMCP Play comand.

Thanks for you

Group Play

  • ft play
  • audio delay play
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Hello. Can you show a part of code inside the template?

You need to download this and put it in the same folder as your .fla files. Then you can add this code in your .as file:

	//in the declaration area on top
	private var channel:int = 1;
	private var videoLayer:int = 10;
	private var mysocket:CustomSocket = new CustomSocket("localhost", 5250);


	//in the play or stop function 
	mysocket.writeln("PLAY " + channel + "-" + videoLayer + " Basketball/lowerthird_in");

See here and here for a skeleton of a template that has a .fla and an .as file.


Thanks! That’s what I need.