Audio from https-stream to decklink

Im I stupid or why cant I get it to work
I have the need to take 8 https-streams from to 8 separate Decklink-output
basically eight persons talking and bring them into a broadcast-system as SDI-signals without using 8 different machines
CasparCG dont give out the sound tested 2.2.0, 2.3.0 and 2.0.7 (client 2.3.0)
separate OBS-instances don’t work with decklink
In casparcg html to NDI dont give me any sound either
I read that there was a raised a issue and that it could have been fixed in 2.3 but dont seems like it
also @vimlesh1975 said a radio-stream worked in 2.0.7 but I cant get that stream out as audio either.
My configuration is simply basic Decklink with embedded audio, video playout with sound is OK so it shouldnt be a config-problem

does anyone come up with some good workaround?

br markus

That’s a brilliant solution, Markus. I’ve never thought about it, and I’m quite familiar with OBS.Ninja.

I’ve tried immediately and I receive the ninja feed in server 2.3.1 with audio on a screen consumer. Do you receive audio with screen consumer?

I’m not familiar with Are you trying to use a FFmpeg producer (https stream) or a HTML producer?
If it’s the latter, you’re out of luck. HTML producers only output audio to the system default device and can’t be routed to consumers for now.

I’ve used the HTML producer for my test… I guess it’s not possible then, after all.

That’s a pity, because such a configuration would be quite helpful.

OBS.Ninja is WebRTC-based tool to send high-quality, low-latency video feeds from remote guests to the central production studio.

Will try to use the ffmpeg producer and see if that works.
a bit more diffucult to do than html if your not familiar with CasparCG is a totally worth checking out. In my subject opinion it has the lowest latency that I have encountered in a webRTC-application.
this video was made by one of the hosts. He used OBS to stream (it was live on Twitch) and all the guest was with Sorry its in finnish which noone understands but just jump to some point where there are 3 persons talking and se how short the delay is between the different persons.

No arguing there!
I’m just hoping that the audio routing will be implemented soon so features like this will be viable inside Caspar.
You can track the progress for this issue here

A thing I would try is using OBS for receiving instances and output the program over NDI to CasparCG.

I did get OBS to output separate decklink-outputs. There was a couple off issues, one setting I didnt see and then the first channel of one of my duo2 does put out embedded audio, not with OBS nor CasparCG. SInce I usually use it either as a graphics fill-channel or as a vMix input channel I havent realized it even if I used the card for almost a year. The other channels are working as they should. I have two duo2:s in my machine.