Audio Crackle - Frame Rate Issue

We have just switched over to 2.3, and we have a lot of crackling in our audio from both of our Decklink cards. We have a Blackmagic ATEM switcher, so our video standard is set to drop frame at 29.97 (the highest our AJA recorder will do). When we switch our Caspar settings to full frame video at 60 frames, the audio issue disappears. Any solutions? The ATEM can’t do full-frame video, and we can’t have crackly audio.

Caspar 2.3 have audio issue at 2997 or 5994 standard
Decklink audio packet output is not normal.
You can hear tick nose and some embedder, deembedder shows abnormal operation.
In my case, issue is solved by this code.

Hey sendust, thanks for the response. I think your solution is above my technical capabilities. How might I implement your code?

I have uploaded the compiled version
Try with this one
The link will only be valid for one month

This is very kind of you, sendust. Thank you.

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