Audio but no video on AVC High@4L in MXF wrapper via DeckLink Duo

I have a file that’s 1080i AVC High@4L at 12.8 Mbps. When playing back on a Blackmagic DeckLink Duo with Caspar we have the audio decoded but just black video.

We can convert the file with ffmpeg on another system to MPEG-2 video in an MXF wrapper and that plays correctly, but are trying to avoid needing to transcode before getting to Caspar.

Checking the error logs we see:

[warning] [ffmpeg] [mxf @ 0FB23A60] Could not find codec parameters for stream 0 (Video: none, 1920x1080): unspecified pixel format
[warning] ffmpeg[IN50982.mxf][7209061/0]Failed to open video-stream. Running without video.

Is it possible to use a newer version of ffmpeg or add in other libraries? Thanks!