Atem Televisión Studio HD - Audio Sources in CasparCG Client

Hello! I recently purchased an Atem Television Studio HD, which has XLR audio input. Why does not that entry appear in the CasparCG Client audio list?

Why should it? These audio inputs are to embed audio into the video output. They do not make it into the computer.

Because for me, regardless of whether the audio of the video inputs has embedded audio, each audio channel is a different thing. I’m not saying what should be or not, just ask why they did not put the option, nothing more. And by the way, since there is not, it would be a good idea, perfect the link between the Atem switchers and the Caspar client.

You did not got my point: That audio is only used internally inside the Television Studio. To get it into the computer a separate hardware device would be needed. So ATEM audio can not be an option.

You do not understand me! I speak of the Caspar Client, where he shows me (due to his link with Atem) the list of audio entries of the SWITCHER. In it it shows all the audio inputs of the same, except the XLR. I never talk about the Caspar server, but about the client. Maybe you do not understand me by the translator.

Caspar client is able to run some atem commands, such as changing inputs, triggering a cut or controlling audio levels.
So the XLR should be exposed in the list for this as @nicoaguero is expecting.

Hm, is that the case? I never used the client with the TVS. Please post a feature request on Caspar Clients GitHub page.

It’s a new version of the Atem, maybe that’s why it does not appear. I thought it was automatic, that is, that I read all the entries without exceptions.