Anyone tried CasparCG on Ryzen?

Ryzen is 1/3 the price of Intel i7 and should have better performance than Intel HD graphics. I wanna try it!


I’m running it on a threadripper 1950x, and it works wonderful. I suspect you are referring to the APU chips with vega graphics though… I assume they support OpenGL 4.5 required under CasparCG 2.2+, and the performance would be a cut down version of the Vega discrete solutions. That would probably depend on what types of workloads you give it and the state of AMD graphics driver support. I have had issues with graphics drivers on radeon systems all the way back to the ATI days. Some people are reporting issues with opengl games on vega.

Although, open source linux driver support seems to be better then normal.

This seems like something that just needs tested with the OS/Driver/CasparCG version you want to run.

I tried casparcg output PAL on amd ryzen 5 2400g with decklink duo2 and nvidea gt710 2gb.

Worked fine.

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