AMD Ryzen 5 + ZorinOs

Hello, today I tried to run casparcg from Ubuntu base ZorinOS 17. After some problems with NDI I finally managed to run the html templates through NDI, but now the images and videos are not displayed in the client and the monitor, apparently the scanner cannot find them, my files are in folder media and I use the server version v2.4.0 RC 1 and scanner version v1.3.4.

There is something that I am forgetting to be able to see the videos and images, the color module is not working for me either. only browser and html template.
Any idea ?

There are several things that could be part of the problems you are experiencing.

  1. Config file paths
    Each entry in the casparcg.config <paths>…</paths> block must end in a slash character. <media-path>/myFiles/Caspar/media/</media-path>

  2. Scanner fails to find the casparcg.config file in the scanner working folder
    When scanner starts up it expects to find the casparcg.config file in the scanner working folder. If it does not find the config file the fall-back defaults are unlikely to produce a media listing. An AMCP command entered in the server console display such as play 1-10 amb can play a file from the media folder even when the scanner is not running.

  3. Port 8000 in use by another process (eg Stream Deck Companion)
    The default server communication with the scanner uses localhost:8000. If another process has claimed port 8000 media list requests such as return list of media files (cls) from the client to the server will return null results. You can type the cls command directly in the server console. If it is unable to communicate with the server it reports the error. You can change the media server connection port by edits in the caspacg.config <amcp> block and adding a command line switch to the scanner to tell it to use the same port as the scanner. To tell the scanner to use a port 8012 start the scanner with with a command line:
    scanner --http.port 8012

  4. The Scanner was started after the server
    Always run the scanner before you run the server.

  5. The scanner is not finding ffprobe and ffmpeg

Some checks that may help isolate the problem.
Look at the folder that has the casparcg server executable file. That folder should have a sub-folder called _media that has several file names of the form 000067.ldb. If the _media folder is not present the scanner is not storing the data for the subsequent reporting.

When required you can force a re-build of the _media contents by stopping the server and scanner processes. Then delete the _media folder and all it’s contents. Start the media scanner observing the scanner console which should show the file detection and thumnail generation operating.

Use a web browser and point it at This is a direct request to the scanner to report the list of media to the browser. If this list is empty the scanner has not found your media store folder.

You can also ask the scanner to report the templates is has found by using address When scanner is operating normally this request is normally slower than the media list request because the media list is cached in the _media folder but the template list is always generaeted on request.

Run the scanner then the server, waiting for server reports to stop. Then start the standard SVT client. You should see a series of information requests displayed in the server console including:


Then several reports stating the server has sent more than 512 bytes to the client ip address. If the reports of sending more than 512 bytes are missing, the server is not communicating with the scanner.