AMCP data commands

Is UPDATE and INVOKE (along with PLAY/ADD) the only methods that can pass data to templates?
I assume NEXT cannot (based on wiki).

I’ve noted a thread mention that INVOKE on 2.2 can’t handle spaces in data very well- so I guess an easy option would be to just use UPDATE and send value to define if it is all new data or and update of data to the template? all data would be Json format.

INVOKE does not send data. What you send, as an argument to the INVOKE command, is the name of a function inside your code an function names can not contain spaces. So only ADD, PLAY and UPDATE can send data.

You can send data as an argument of the function called by INVOKE command.

Ok got it!
`CG 1-20 INVOKE 1 “function({“key”:”value”})”’
Seems that this is already seen as a JSON object so doesn’t need any more parsing-which was where I was running into issues.

That is the case, if you use Flash templates. I would suggest to keep the workflows backward compatible, so that your Caspar clients can work with either technology.

If you build flash templates with my updated class, you can also send arguments via invoke.

Nice, I normally just send an UPDATE and then and INVOKE. But it’s good to know.

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