AMCP CG STOP command

I use HTML templates with 2.2. version and after i type (send) CG 2-100 STOP command, the stop JS function has been called, animation in this function is performed, but the template is not removed from the channel 2 layer 100, as can bee seen from the INFO 2 command.
Any idea?

That is the normal behavior of the HTML producer.

Use window.close();

Did You try it?
I obtain this error message: “Scripts may close only the windows that were opened by it” when I try it in Chrome browser.

I get the same error. My solution was to setup a network connection from the template to the client and have the client send a remove command for the layer in question.

Chrome doesn’t allow it, but it works in CCG.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me.
What I am doing wrong?

function stop() {


 function titleAnimateYOut() {
  animationObject.css({transform: 'translateY(' + titleHeight + 'px)'});
  animationObject.css({transitionDuration: titDurationOut}); 
  animationObject.css({transitionTimingFunction: 'ease-in-out'}); 
  },parseInt(titDurationOut.slice(0,-2)) + 100); 

CasparCG 2.2

window.close has been logged, but the template remains in the layer

Your doing it ok but it’s broken on the moment


So I am bad luck…:frowning:
Thakns for explanation Maurice78.

What protocol do you used?

I used WebSockets. In my testing it was much faster and more reliable than HTTP.
This WS library does a nice job handling the web socket server setup and provides a good amount of customization.

Window.remove() work fine