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I know this is not directly related to CasparCG but the knowledge about CG-system is amazing here.
I’m starting to test out a cloud based production system that doesn’t have an integrated graphic system. They recommend But I have some problem with their user interface.So do you know about any other system or solution how you can run simple graphics (lower thirds, end rolls etc) as a html-page from a webserver.

br markus

I understand WebCG coupled with CasparCG is similar to that. can do this, but you will have to contact the authors to run it as a webservice.

If you want to develop the graphics and dashboards yourself, nodecg is a great option.

I dont have the knowledge, time or interest to develop it myself.
But it would be great to have a solution where you could use html-templates made for CasparCG (with some modification of course) and run them on the web as a html-stream(page)

Yeah, that might be a cool idea and shouldn’t be too hard to build. I imagine you’ll need one page containing multiple iframes for the templates to sit in, a helper library that triggers the function calls (e.g. play(), update()), a server to receive control events and perhaps a local helper app that can receive AMCP so you can use normal AMCP clients.

I did get a OK to give ask for tender for doing this:
We would prefer if the offer came from a company that has it homeaddress in the EU.
What we seek is a solution where we could use CasparCG html-templates (with minor changes) to be run as a webpage. The tempaltes need to be on a public webserver/service and so the output.
We need to have different “channels” for different programs.
We also need a client to run these. It would be a plus if the client also could run as a local client against a local server, but the main is that it runs on the webplatform. Im quite impressed by the look of singular.lives control app so if it looks like it I would be very pleased. So building the infra, coding client and doing documentation.
If it is possible we will open source this project.
If you interested you can mail me for more info markus.nygard(at)
Since I know how my comapy works I would like to have the tenders before 14.4.2019, if we dont get any tenders that are satisfationary we will reserve the right to extent the tender time or not accept any tender.
The tenders will be evaluated based on easy of use, support, running cost, price and quality.
This information is free to spread to anyone interested.

br markus

You can also ask questions here so that everyone can see