ALSA Audio stream input


I’m trying to use CasparCG Server in a Linux environment to create a live video playout. I’m using a Decklink card for the video input and that works just fine. For the audio input I want to use an ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) device. ALSA is one of the FFMPEG input devices, but it seems not to work in CasparCG Server. So my question is if there is a possibility to obtain the audio input stream from an ALSA device in CasparCG Server?


CasparCG does not support natively using ALSA or any other kind of system audio input The only way this would currently be possible is via ffmpeg.
In 2.0/2.1 this used to work on windows at least, using dshow:// and possible linux using v4l2:// or whatever the syntax is, but this appears to be broken in 2.2 currently which could be why you are finding ALSA input to not work.