AJA support

I think I’ve checked for this in the past, but now can’t find any info on it?

Are the AJA (aja.com) video cards supported in caspar as consumers?


The answer is no.

I believe it is because AJA charge for their SDK.

I looked into a few years ago, since I had a bunch of them around, but couldn’t see any demand for it with other users. The Decklink cards are way cheaper and I don’t see AJA cards offering anything you wouldn’t get with a Decklink card.

It shouldn’t take a huge effort to add support for AJA if someone needs it, but if they aren’t able to add the support for it themselves, it would probably be cheaper to switch to Decklink cards instead of paying someone to add support for AJA.

Regarding the charging for the SDK, that was an issue some years ago, but now it’s free (that’s when I took a look at it). AJA really pissed in their shoes with having a closed SDK for all those years, otherwise I’d guess Caspar would have had support a decade ago.

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thanks for the answers.
Is there any official site I could manifest interest in supporting aja cards / external devices in casparcg?

You can open a new feature request on the Github repository for CasparCG/Server:

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I think Aja is more stable than BMD, Someone should work with that.

By the way: AFAIK AJA cards were developed by the BMD people, before they started their own business.

As @hreinnbeck already pointed out: I also see no use for AJA cards. I have not many problems with my Decklinks and I have a buch of them myself and supports a bigger bunch of them for my clients. Most problems come from Windows (auto-update etc.) and not from the Decklinks.

I have a Kona 3G (EOL model, no drivers for windows 10 or later), and am tempted to attempt to write support for it (hopefully also supporting the newer models). But at work we are using decklinks everywhere with no issues that I am aware of. Other parts of the PCs the Quads are in have failed, but all of the decklinks are still going after outputting video or years on end.

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