AirsendSupport for NDI4

Andrew Cross of Newtek made a Christmas present for us. He coded two new Airsend dll-files that gives the old iVGA Airsend NDI4 audiosupport.
I have tested and if I play out go1080p25.mp4 with CasparCG server 2.0.7 & 2.2. I can get the sound in both the Newtek Studio Monitor and vMix23.
The files can be downloaded from my google drive
AIrsend Support for NDI4

The workflow (mostly copied from vMix-forum)

  1. Install CasparCG Server 2.0.7

  2. Install NewTek Network Video Send Driver

  3. Apply for and install the NewTek AirSend Updater

  4. Edit the casparcg.config in Notepad adding the following to

  5. Download and copy/replace the 2 DLL-files from my drive to
    C:\Windows\System32 and
    in the same folder as you installed CasparCG

  6. Run CasparCG and the output will be available as an NDI source in vMix labelled as “1”

Merry Christmas


What about NDI Input? :frowning:

NDI Input and output should be implamated according to this post
NDI Backport
but that is as far as I can see for dev build (I think there was something for the 2.1 NRK too)
In that version you are in config-file not taking about “ivga” but “NDI”.
iVGA is a older format from Newtek, and according to Newtek they havent produced anything using iVGA for many years now, so they wont support it anymore.
I would also switch to CasparCG 2.3.X as soon as there would be any form of “Beta 1” release.

Hello, I would like to know if you still have the newt AirSend Updater and the Network Video Send Driver. The links are down.
Thanks you

I believe these are the right version of the files needed: Index of /ccg-ndi