Again ABN-WTT2019

just a little list of last weeks job

4 servers

16channels in mixed formats 1080p50/720P50/1080i50

server1 V1 general playout1 center court
1x Video Playout with Key and Fill 1080i50
1x Social Media Templates (fullscreen) 1080i50
1x DLS

server2 V1 general playout2 center court
1x Video Playout with Key and Fill 1080i50
1x Hawkeye Game statistics (cut & fill) 1080i50
1x DLS

Server3 V4 All LED screens Centercourt
1x 1080P50 outer perimeter (playout & stills)
2x 1080P50 inner perimeter (playout + serve speed modules(templates))
1x 1080P50 Players introduction screen & LED strips (playout)
1x 1080P50 Umpire chair (playout)
1x 720P50 Center Cube corners (playout + templates)

Server4 V4 Scoreboards and webfeeds
1x Scoreboard centercourt (cut & fill) 1080i50
1x Scoreboard Court One 1080i50
1x tournament statistic
1x Lgraphic (1080i) feeding 150 TV sreens in the venue

quite a list but more impressive which actually makes casparcg the real tool of choice is the way it can be controlled

server 1,2 & 3 are all controlled by one person during players introduction. 3 servers sync-rolling several channels !!
during showblocks parts off the playout were controlled by the LD (lighting director) with OSC but some other layers still by the VT at the same time
during the game the same servers are controlled by several persons in different ways.
1 the umpire with scoreboard data
2 hawkeye personal switching to the hawkeye feed and triggers all LED screen channels
3 showing hawkeye stats during sitdowns
4 Set and Match points animations controlled by the showcaller
while server 4 is all controlled by external data

of coarse non open-source software can do this too (probally even better) but NOT in the same budget!!

did i mention that 6 semi trailers fully packed with displays / LEDsreens are just controlled by 4 CCG servers !!!

with EASE !!

big shout-out to all @Superfly and julian !!
some channels ran on cherrypicked NRKO 2.1 builds :wink:
all others on 2.2 !