AE Bodymovin Lottie and markers in AE comp

Is it possible to use GOTO with markers in AE comp, is there any special naming convention?
Setting the name on marker in AE and calling it with command below is giving me error 400

CG 1-20 GOTO 1 testmarker

Also in documentation for NEXT command it is stated

It is designed to advance the template to the next step.

How can I add stop points in AE comp or it should be done completely in js?

AFAIK there is a way to let lottie jump to markers. It is in their documentation somewhere, but I did not try it. But that GOTO command will never work, as this is not a valid AMCP command. You would need to do the coding in JavaScript and either use the NEXT command (inside your js code you can let Caspar call this) or using the INVOKE command with the name of a parameter less function in your js.

For hints about lottie and Caspar see this tread.