Adobe Animate Text field issue

I would like to ask you for a help. I have Adobe Animate project for CasparCG.
If I open the project on different machines I see there is a difference in the textfields. The spacing of the text inside field from the top border is different on each machine. You can see it on the pictures.

I am not able to find where this distance is defined. Do you maybe someone has some experiences with it?


I had similar issues sometimes. It has to do with font embedding and textfields not formated correctly. But I don’t remember what I did to solve it. Try checking the fonts and how the textfields are formated.

I would check that all used fonts are embedded with full characters sets
and check that the same version of flash is installed on both machines.

It seems it is a vertical font alignment (top vs center vertical alignment) issue
Please check here if the fix applies to you:

Hi guys,
Thanks for your inputs. Yes, it’s problem if you create your project on the MacOS and then open it with Windows.