Adobe After Effects and Adobe Animate CC


I have been looking around the internet on how I can go about making my own templates for CasparCG. I have not had much success.

I have got Adobe Animate working with dymanic text fields. But I find it very hard to animate inside of Adobe Animate. I am more of an After Effects person. Can someone please point me in the right direction on how I can make my animations in Adobe After Effects and then put them into Adobe Animate for dynamic text fields etc. Or am I doing this completely wrong?


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No, you don’t do it wrong. There is currently no easy way of going from AE to a final template. That’s something we talk about to implement in a futre release or as an add on. Currently you need to build your templates by hand in Animate or and other tool that can export to Flash or HTML Animations.

This tutorial is a huge help for me.

I think you an save your animations as a png sequence and then export them into Adobe animate then you can fill your dynamic fields when the animation stops.

The other is to create the animations on javascript and present it like that on HTML.

I have managed to make some animations. I have used Adobe After Effects to create an animation and then exported it as a PNG sequence and placed into Adobe Animate. I have put my dynamic text fields for text and actions in for when it needs to stop. I then used the CasparCG template generator to export. That has seemed to work.

In the templates sample pack, there is a .mov file in the flash/animate library. That is a format that I would much rather like to work with than the sequence of .png, which can´t be previewed in a proper way etc. inside Animate CC. Does anyone know how to export the video with transparency from AE to Animate?

Are we talking about Flash or HTML templates here? For Flash: I usually export from AE only the portion of the animation, that is needed, so for instance only 1000x150 pixels for a lower third. I them import it into a MovieClip and play it from ActionScript. You can add animated Textfields or other stuff to the same MovieClip and in perfect sync to the animation. Add a stop() to the first and last frame and place the whole thing at the right spot on the stage. Then in the .as you can play the MovieClip in the Play override.

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you could use to export your ae animations as json and play them back using HTML template.

Hello, I was reading your answer and I have several questions.
First: how I export flash files from after effect in the new versions and second: how I synchronize the dynamic text with the animation from a movieclip from animate CC, thank you.

I was talking about exporting PNG sequences, not Flash files. These can be imported into a movieClip. AFAIK there is no way to directly export Flash files from AE.