Additional template metadata mechanism


I’ve written a casparcg client that could use with a mechanism that allows for metadata about a template to be passed.

I’d like to be able to setup a templateInfo.XML file and use it to provide info like:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Available fields on the template:
    a) How many?
    b) What type is each one? Integer, string, rgb?
  • Thumbnail image path (additional thumbnail.png file)
  • etc.

While I could access the relevant templateInfo.xml file if running the client and server on the same machine, the same is not true if the machines are not the same.

I could network share the folder and access it this way, or build a companion app that runs on the server and serves the files…

Has anyone stumbled across this situation? How did you solve your problem?

For Flash templates there is a way to define metadata, explained here. These could be queried by the INFO TEMPLATE command. Alas that does not work any more. I once posted a feature request to get that functionality back and extend it to XML fiels, that are placed next to templates, with the same name and .xml extension. If Scanner.exe could be modified to pic them up and the server to bring back INFO TEMPLATE, we would have solved the problem. But currently that is not done yet. As most use their Caspar server on the same machine as the client, it’s easy to work around. But it would be a good feature.

One way is the one suggested by @didikunz. I started looking into it and dropped it because of time constraints.

What I use today to save shared presets, configurations and package info is the DATA STORE/LIST/RETRIEVE command.
You can save anything there, even large image files. Give it a try.

You can define folders there so it matches the same template structure inside a “templates” folder

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The way I do it in my client SPX-GC ( is by having this data embedded into the template file as a templateDefinition -JavaScript object.

Once the template is imported to the client, it will scan the template file and can expose user interface controls (textfield, textbox, drop down, etc) for each content field and setup other functionality such as playout settings (server, layer) and timing information (auto-out) etc.

All options are documented here if you are interested: GitHub - TuomoKu/SPX-GC: Manage and control graphics for CasparCG and live streaming applications.

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