Add to homescreen

Can you add the 512x512 icon to the forum settings to support mobile homescreen apps?


hepp cc @hummelstrand

Will do, first thing in the morning!

@silid Please check if you get the correct icons now, I’ve updated the forum with all the icons in the appropriate sizes.

Should it show during load of the site? It didn’t.

Yes - it works perfectly for me now. Thanks. :+1:

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Hi Sillid, i’m Victor from Dominican Republic, and i want to develop a Custom CG.

Yes I have also noticed that Jesper. I did not show when the site was loading. What can be wrong?, was to supposed to work like that or there is a bug or something?.

I see, that you just post unrelated stuff in old threads. Stop this please. If you have a problem, start your own tread and be specific. Tell us what your problem is, and what you tried. As you are from Bangladesh, a slow page load can also be because you simply have slow internet. (that can also happen here, by the way :slight_smile:)