Activation email issue


I’ve had problems with signing up to the forum over the last 12 hours as I wasn’t getting activation emails to either a hotmail or outlook address despite trying several times. Eventually I tried an old email address and it worked.


I’ve had the same problem, and even went so far as to ttry and create a dummy account with a different email. But I just tried again and got the verification for my original email address.


Hi, thanks for letting us know!

I’ll look through the email logs to see if there’s anything I can tweak. The good thing about the Discourse forum software is that it actuall has a lot of spam and bot prevention functionality, but there’s of course the risk that users and email addresses may be flagged incorrectly.


It seems like our shared IP for the forum email server ( is actually flagged and blocked by and I’m trying to avoid having to upgrade to a dedicated IP for this, but please be aware that those email providers are actively blocking email from this forum at the moment.


Quick update: The forum email service has now been moved to a non-flagged IP address, so those of you who have not been receiving forum emails should now be be able to get notifications again…


I have hotmail linked to this forum account. From last a week I am not getting notification.


From your profile admin page I see, that the last e-mail has been sent 39 minutes ago. Is there anything wrong with hotmail?


I did not get anything in inbox and junk email. If others are getting email notification, may be problem with hotmail.