About the casarcg server video time



Hey, everyone:
I am very grateful to CasparCG, I think he is a good broadcast CG solution, but I can’t see the video time in the CasparCG Client 2.0.8 version using the cassarcg-server-2.2.0-stable version? Have you ever encountered it?


Do you run scanner.exe along with your Caspar server 2.2? Use the batch file casparcg_auto_restart.bat to start the server AND the scanner.


Ok, I am testing it, thank you, I have read many of your posts and have helped me a lot.:肌肉:


Hello, I have confirmed that scanner.exe is running, it is also started with casparcg_auto_restart.bat, the client can only see the time, but the countdown does not start when playing the state. Have you tried moving the time when playing with 2.2.0-stable version?


Probably need a newer client:


Thank you. let me try.