À video of 3840x1080 on two SDI output for LED wall


Hello, I have a video file of 3840x1080 for an LED wall.
I have a BMD card duo 2. how to configure my server so that this video comes out two SDI outputs in 1080i50 each?


That setup requires two channels in addition to the main channel so each half of the main playout channel is routed to an output channel:

Channel 1: 2160p50 (configure channel without consumers)
Channel 2: 1080i50 (first decklink output)
Channel 3: 1080i50 (second decklink output)

At startup you should route the first channel to each output channel:

PLAY 2-1 route://1
PLAY 3-1 route://1

and transform the routed channel’s layer to show half the image each:

MIXER 2-1 FILL 0 0 2 1
MIXER 3-1 FILL -1 0 2 1

Keep in mind that outputs could be delayed a few frames and will not always be in sync.


Thank you for your answer.
I will test that.
But if there are a few frame delayed between my two output I’m afraid it’s visible in the middle of my wall led


In a similar setup, but with 6 outputs, I never experienced, that they run out of sync, but that they have a little (fixed) delay of 1 frame or so. So only on fast movement that was a bit visible.


As you can see here, you can also route not only the whole channel, but also an individual layer. Routing only the layer uses much less system performance.

Be aware, that these commands gives you a squeezed output. Refer to the MIXER FILL command documentation on how the parameters work.


I will play video LOOP on the Channel 1 layer 10
PLAY 1-10 video.mov LOOP

So I will use
PLAY 2-1 route://1-10
PLAY 3-1 route://1-10

I will test it tomorrow