A standard NDI channel config output

I need a standard setup to run a NDI channel from my list of channels in Casparcg/RedcastOntime … The Youtube tutorial from 2019 already seems to be out of date since the Newtek software links seem to have changed. Does the new “NDI tools” from Newtek include the drivers needed to adapt to CasparCG? How do I propery code a NDI output as a consumer output channel?


that’s really simple
install the NDI tools
download the latest caspar build from
and add this into the consumers tag in the config file


or with AMCP

 add 1 ndi

where 1 is the channel nummer where you want to add a ndi output


Thank you! Sorry I just noticed your post. Can you assign a separate output channel with the NDI if I have a client that can run multiple channels? Did NDI tools replace Newtek Airsend?

What is AMCP?

yes NDItools is sort off a replacement of iVGA

AMCP is the protocol used by the client to control casparcg server.

if you type this into to the server window or you send it with a customcommand in the standard client
it will add a NDI consumer


See here for more insight.

Great! I will try it! Thanks!