A really weird situation on 128 core computer

I tested same process on diferent computers
6 ndi 1080p videos at same time

the CPU usage result are:
intel 2683v3(14x2G) 36-42
intel 2618L(8x2.3G) 35-40
amd 1700x(8x3.4G) 19-23
amd 3800x(8x3.9g) 18-21
amd 1950x(16x3.4g) 13-15

these looks make sense, and seems like the frequence are more important than total power

but I get a super weird result on a 128 core computer (2 CPUs, each 64c/128t)
its about 42%, worse than all above…
the only thing that could cause this problem I think is the frequence (or numa problem), but still wired for this high CPU usage

Memory channels and base clock are a priority. For example, a 7900X with a 3.3Ghz base clock and 10 cores is a good balance on the Intel side. It can reach a sustained >4Ghz with many active cores with a good water cooler as some of the AMD models you listed.
Performance is not linearly scalable, as you said NUMA is a factor for slow performance on highest end CPUs.

y, that is also what I get from these results
I will be needing a high clock CPU than a lot of cores, I just searched and think i9 9900KS or AMD 3960X might be the best balance choices with cores and clocks

yes, and this is true for many video-broadcast softwares, not only CasparCG. 9900k is the best choice atm for me after testing some AMDs.


In general, CasparCG Server has poor support for dual CPU as is today. This has not been something we have been working on or focusing at because we can’t find a use case for it really. You can always create a feature request at GitHub

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I successfully run multiple instances of CasparCG on dual CPU systems. That worked also with dual GPU‘s tied to the CPU‘s.

Yes it’s possible but it’s not optimized for it as far as I know. I haven’t tried to run dual GPU’s, how has your experience been with that out of curiosity?

I made a studio decor with a lot of outputs. We had two systems with dual CPU, dual GPU and dual Decklink Quad. Running them from one instance was only working for about 6 channels. Using 2 or 3 Caspars left us with 6 channels for each instance. So that was quite surprising. I used 2.0.7 for this, as there were a few Flash templates involved. If you come to Switzerland I will show the installation :grinning:

We also use multiple instances with good results. Recently because 5 channels running HTML templates were not playing smoothly. We separated them into 2 different servers and now they don’t skip a frame. In this case it was a 18c/36t single socket CPU.