A client for CasparCG in php - issues with AMCP protocol : command CLS & TSL


I’m new here and I try to develop an web (php) interface client for CasparCG server that could manage video playback (for credits, end credits, other videos) fixed picture overlay (lower third and logo) and template display (in flash) for a broadcast activity in sport.

I’m not a professionnal in video or broadcasting, it’s just a hobby for me. This year I have done a streaming of an HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) tournament in France from Clermont-Ferrand, broadcasted on my YouTube Channel, using some hardware from Blackmagic…
The Blackmagic video switcher internal memory allows to make lumakey with fixed picture for lower third, logo… but I would like to do more and the CasparCG server looks great for my purpose.

The official CasparCG client looks a bit complicated to use for me, that’s why I have choosen to make my own client. I choose PHP language because I have some practice with it.

My question is about 2 AMCP commands that I can’t make work propely :
CLS {[sub_directory:string]}
TLS {[sub_directory:string]}

This command always list the directory from the root directory that I have configurated in the CasparCG server (media/ and templates/). It’s impossible to make a list from a sub directory.
Any idea ? I use CasparCG server 2.0.7


These commands always lists everything. What you can do is to use string manipulations to just add the files, that begin with a certain folder name.

Ok, thank you.

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