8K Resolution

It has been asked before but not answered.

at CasparCG
Will there be 8K resolution support?

In theory it should not be a problem. In practice the programmer would need some sort of 8K video source, as you need to be able to test it, while developing.

but on casparcg server, I can’t add 8K channels.
I can create up to 2160p channels.
I think I asked my question wrong.

That is correct and you asked your question right. Probably I have answered your question wrong. To be able to create 8K channels a programmer needs to add that to Caspar. For this to do, he/she needs a 8K video source for testing and also a monitor for 8K. As most of the CasparCG core development is done in Europe, I guess that none of our guys have such an 8K environment, because AFAIK 8K is currently only used in Japan. We in Europe still produce most of the content in HD.

Well, @Maurice78 found a way to create custom resolutions - so I guess it´s possible to add custom resolutions, that would include 8K resolutions. Maybe he can share his knowledge :slight_smile:

Hi what i did was actualy quite simple (if you know how to build caspar)
i added the wanted format’s into


which are actually 1 line in each file for a format. but i guess this only works with the screenconsumer and maybe with the ndi-consumer. i think you need a lot more stuff to do if you want this on a decklinkconsumer.

By the way it would be very nice if it works on NDI level :wink:
i guess you triggerd me to try :wink:



Thanks for your answers.
Happy new year.



Currently I am looking into adding a custom resolution (8K) into CasparCG. I tried following the steps on “Building the CasparCG Server”, however without success. I only get the Visual Studio project files but no executable.

Could you please explain how to create a custom executable?


Hi jovadeza

un fortunatly my visualstudio install is playing games with me :wink:
But perhaps better for your situation is to have a look at this

Hi Maurice,

Thanks, this looks really promising! :smile:

Now you can create a custom resolution for your channel, (and it works amazingly, thank you @Julusian )

But I haven’t found a way to assign a decklink device to be an 8K output (using 8k Pro).
Has anybody managed to do it? I hope this can be added to the latest releases.