50i playback breaks for half speed after a short while

Hi all

I would like to share my experience with faulty playback on a specific setup. And to hear if someone is able to explain this. Or have similar experience.

It only show on my setup using a HP Z2 G8 Tower Workstation Desktop PC. See attached details. On other setups I do not see this problem.

50i config and media. Both H264 and ProRes. Start playback and things are fine. After a short while it breaks to half playback speed and stuttering image/sound.

Both Dev and 2.4.0 Stable. Though 2.4.0 seems better.

Decklink Quad 2 (tested both with and without sync) consumer. And adding a screen consumer helps somewhat. But it still fails eventually.

Once CCG is ended up in this state, it keeps having playback like this. An app restart is necessary.

What is this?

HP Z2 G8 Tower Workstation Desktop PC

(buffer-depth is non-standard)

			<!-- <screen> -->
				<!-- <name>Channel 1 - Fill</name> -->
				<!-- <width>400</width> -->
				<!-- <x>50</x> -->
				<!-- <y>50</y> -->
			<!-- </screen> -->
			<!-- <screen> -->
				<!-- <name>Channel 1 - Key</name> -->
				<!-- <key-only>true</key-only> -->
				<!-- <width>400</width> -->
				<!-- <x>500</x> -->
				<!-- <y>50</y> -->
			<!-- </screen> -->

Z2 problem 2

How much RAM do you have?
I also face Issue with HP Z2 G8 in case my processor is xeon 4C

But I able to run 1080 i50 smoothly on Lenovo Thinkstation P360 And dell precision tower t3660tower

Thanks for the comment.

Both CPU, GPU and RAM (32 GB) have plenty of resource headroom.

Have you tried with older CasparCG servers? Like 2.3.0 or even 2.0.7? - I don’t know if they are different in the way they handle playback, but would give it a try anyway.

Think there is a issue with motherboard.

Thanks for the replies.

I have tested with a couple of other CCG releases, that showed similar behaviour. However not very old versions.

My posting was ment for knowledge sharing and to see if there were others with similar experience. It is not a must for me to have it running on this particular “freak” hardware configuration.

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Just want to inform, that these issues was resolved by discarding the graphics card. And installing the Decklink card in the top PCI slot.