50 $ reward for helping me in publishing rtmp

Hello everybody.

I have been publishing rtmp streamings in this web --fstream.me-- for 4 years. It worked with ffmpeg until last week. I did this:

ffmpeg -re -i https://live2.canaloncelive.tv/livepkgr/smil:nacional.smil/playlist.m3u8 -c:v libx264 -b:v 302k -s 512x288 -acodec aac -af aresample=async=1000 -b:a 44k -preset veryfast -f flv ‘rtmp://pubfstream.com/stream/m082024?key=aeff7e3b&id=10143’

Now I am able to continue publishing this rtmp with Flash Media Live Encoder… but not with ffmpeg any more.

I can pay to anyone --bitcoin or bank transfer-- who gives me a right rtmp url to use in ffmpeg, or a ffmpeg command properly built to get it going and publishing my stream with ffmpeg in fstream.me

The publish address must be ‘rtmp://pubfstream.com/stream/m082024?key=aeff7e3b&id=10143’

I think new versions of ffmpeg are deprecating “short hand” parameters. So you could try -codec:v instead of -c:v, -codec:a instead of -acodec, -filter:a instead of -af, -preset:v instead of -preset, and -format instead of -f

And are you sure the key is written like this? Normally it would be rtmp://address/app/key.
And I hope you will be generating new key, as you published it.


Thanks for your fast reply.

But I have to say that none of your suggestions work. I didn’t say it was easy: I keep my promise of 50 $ if I got it.

The fact is that it worked EXACTLY the way I say, in 3 different servers until last week. So I think it must be something to do with fstream.me web. But the support team is not giving me answers, so I don’t know.

The odd thing is that publishing in Flash Media Live Encoder works as usual… and they have told me that they have not deactivated ffmpeg publishing, so theorically it should keep working. But it is not.

Are you able to do recording of stream from Adobe flash encoder on some rtmp server?

How can I do that?

Ah, one thing: I put the key in the last post because thus way you, or someone else, can do tests with that. Feel free to do it. It is not my main channel, it’s just one I do not use.

Thank you for your attention and work.

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