4K video performance problem

my hardware:
WIN10 pro 64bit
dual xeon CPU E5-2620
Nvidia Quattro P2000
Decklink 4K extreme 12G

I am reading 4K mp4 video.
There are short-term lags and freezes at the decklink output.

I get the message in the screenshot in caspar server.

Another problem I have is;

I see UHD (3840x2160) on the SDI output of the decklink card, but the HDMI output stays at 1920x1080.
(both outputs have above problem)

Do you have any suggestions about this?

Best Regards,

I recall some people having issues with UHD playout using 2.0.7, what version are you using?

Also, is your content 47.95i? If you transcode that to 25p and play it again, do you get the same issue?


I also tried with version 2.3.1 same problem.
I couldn’t try it because I couldn’t find 25p video.

I will try this.

Just for curiosity: Where did these files came from? What records / writes files with this frame rate? Never saw that.

i downloaded it from here:

I didn’t pay attention.
I need to find a correct test video.

But it says …4K 60fps demo files, so at least they should be 60fps and not 47.95. That is very strange.

I thought that was odd as well, until I realised what happens if you half it to get the progressive frame rate. Then it makes some sense as a video standard, or at least one I’d actually seen before.

If you download the file, it is indeed 23.976 progressive. That doesn’t explain the 2160i47.95 bit though, perhaps this is part of the issue.