4 channel playout questions

Hi all,

Firstly, this is a fantastic forum and I have enjoyed cutting my teeth on caspar. although I work and have an IT background, it has been a very sharp learning curve when I was asked to rollout a TV station for work, for the residents that live on site.

So, I now have several questions, and as all my experience at the moment is based on what I have read so far on the forum.

Does the caspar client have the option for controlling 4 channels, as at the moment I have one channel working.

Does anyone know how to play films out in their true aspect ratio at all, and getting Caspar to resize automatically to the ratios?

I am currently using redcast as a playout system, but does anyone know of any other free playout systems that can have a scheduling element to them, or can redcast run out 4 channels?

Any advice is gratefully received


many clients can control 4 channels, but most of them are designed for clip playout, not for 24/7 broadcast. To my knowing, there is no option to control 4 channels in RedCast, but you can have multiple instances of CasparCG, and then with multiple copies of RedCast, you can have multiple channels running with different AMCP port. However this is not the best solution and I would recommend running the channels on separate machines.

CasparCG cannot automatically change aspect ratio as of now. You can change AR manually e.g. for 4:3 in channel 1, layer 1, it is something like this: MIXER 1-1 PERSPECTIVE 0.125 0 0.875 0 0.875 1 0.125 1 0. Unfortunately it looks like it is not possible to insert custom event to RedCast client. It might be possible to develop custom module.

Everything of this might be possible in @vimlesh1975 's Caspar media playback client, but it doesn’t run at all on my setup, so I cannot say for sure.

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