3D Object control question with Stage3D

hi, nice to meet you.

I want play 3D objects.

If there are one cylinder, I just want rotate it.

to do this request,

CasparCG tells me, use Paper3D.

But It use CUP resource, I think It will be generate terrible risk.

Becasue, there are many 3D objects, more CPU resource required to play something.

So, I found Stage3D and Away3D.

It looks good to me why thats supports GPU Rendering.

But, there are no document concerned CasperCG with Stage3D.

I want know total process how to connect Flash with Stage3D and How to export FLV file for CasparCG and How to write Action Script file to Control 3D object in Stage3D.

If anybody have a infomation about it, Please tell me.

Thanks for reading and Have a good day.

Hi, CasparCG doesn’t support the required version of flash player that has Stage3d capabilities. From memory this is because Adobe prevented access to the timeline or frame buffer in the newer versions - can’t remember which but a search of forums etc. will find you the definitive answer. Take a closer look at some of the HTML capabilities and the enabling of GPU support - people are doing some good stuff but I don’t know whether it is production ready

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