3 questions


Hi! I have 3 questions:

  1. I need to start SCANNER every time i start the SERVER?
  2. How i delete the old files from media library? I deleted from the video folder, but i have the titles still in the left video library in the CLIENT?
  3. How can I change for default the mixing type from CUT TO MIX and change the time default to 10 frames?

Thank U!



Click the “Library” Menu and “Refresh Library” or hit Ctrl+R

I don’t know if that is possible.


You should start Caspar with the bat file. Casparcg_auto_restart.bat


Sorry the refresh don’t change my list… :frowning:


There is a folder in server folder name “pouch__all_dbs__”

Delete all files from there.


Thank u! I see u know Caspar so well, maybe u know this too, if i can change the default mixing type and time? I want to change from CUT to MIX with 10 frames…


May be you are looking for setting this in the client.


I finded this, but every time is the default CUT when i add a new video.


Yes, but every time it start with CUT. The default setting is CUT.


As I said AFAIK there is no default setting for that. But you can copy stuff from one to the other.