2 SDI Channel Output per “asset” for multi language broadcasts?


Is it possible to make the assets, so an English layer is output on SDI 1/2 (key/fill) and a German layer is simultaneously output on SDI 3/4 (key/fill)?

Likewise is it similarly possible to simultaneously play an English language video in an english layer outputting on SDI 1/2 and a German video file in a German layer outputting on SDI 3/4?

The idea is that the asset/videos should function as single graphic, but output to separate ATEM vision mixers simultaneously, to make identical broadcasts, but in different languages.

Not with a single media file or template for both versions. You would always need separate files. You can however quite simply just issue all commands at the same time for both channels.

Meaning I can not have English in layer 1 and German in layer 2 of Chyron001, but would need a Chyron001-Eng and a Chyron001-Ger to be executed simultaneously?

Yes. Also just so there is no misunderstanding; the concept of layers in Caspar doesn’t apply to media/templates but only the composition of the channel.

You can easy play the same template with english and german text on two different CHANNELS. You see: Layers are stacked above each other in a single channel. Do not mess up the two.

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So, just to make sure there is no confusion, one template CAN simultaneously output 2 different languages to 2 different SDI outlets?

Sure. You can play the same template twice simultaneously on two different channels/outputs and then send data in different languages to each of the two instances of the templates. I recommend you to install CasparCG and start to play around with it a bit in order to understand the concepts of CasparCG a little better. Trust me, it’ll be more than worth your time.

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I think you did not understand the concept of a template. A template is a design blueprint for a graphic, let‘s asume a lower third (Bauchbinde in German). The idea behind it is, that you send the variable data to the template, durring the playout.

The template does not care what data that is. So it‘s a bit a different workflow, than with another CG (like Inscriber or the like) were you have pages, that contain the design AND the data at the same time. Caspar templates only contains the design and the data is fired at them durring playout.

So if your CasparCG server has more than one output channel, you can play the same template with different data on the different outputs. But it‘s not the template, that decide on how many outputs it plays at a given moment, but the way these templates are played by the control program. You could have 20 outputs and play the template with 20 different text data simultanously, if you want.

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