2.2 Audio Issues


I am currently testing CCG 2.2 in our environment for upgrading from 2.0.7. All is working well so far, and performance seems to be greatly improved (thank you to everyone who has worked so hard on this!)

I am running into one issue with audio that I cannot find the root cause of, and it is unique to 2.2 server after some tests. When I begin playing a video, there is a feedback-ish/crackling audio sound that comes and goes while playing, and after stopping the video, the audio continues to play for about a second and a half before stopping, where the feedback sound continued to go on and off for a while before stopping. I have no idea what could be causing this, but I am happy to add any additional info to help solve this.

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CasparCG 2.2 stable, Client 2.0.8. Intel Xeon E3, 8GB RAM, Decklink SDI 4K 10.11, Windows 7 Enterprise, Audio out via system audio (3.5mm out, volume 100%)

have you tried updating decklink driver?

I will attempt this, though I suspect that that will not help, as audio is not out via Decklink. Thank you.

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Drivers did not help, and tested it on a separate system as well with no Decklink installed, only screen consumer and system audio and the same issues were being experienced.