2.1.11 NRK server crash after running 6-7 days


I implemented NRK version 2.1.11, hoping that this would solve my problems, but they are bigger. From the moment the server instance starts, every six to seven days, memory usage increases suddenly, until windows stop responding, memory level 95%. I cannot set the DNS address because after five commands, the server instance closes itself. Does setting the log mode to trace affect memory leakage ?? Can the “Failed read DNS config” warning affect memory? Maybe the problem lies in the settings of virtual memory ??

PC: Windows 10 1909, Windows 10 1809, 8GB ram, Nvidia Quadro K2200.

For now, the only option is to return to version 2.0.7, but it is interesting that even on this version, with these versions of Windows, the message “Out of memory” appeared.

If anyone has had similar experiences, please help.