16 Channel Embedded Audio DeckLink Quad 2 in Server 2.3.2

Looking for help with 16 Channels of audio in v2.3.2 of the server. I am using a DeckLink Quad2 card and we need 16 channels of embedded audio. I have a short simple clip (have tried both MOV and MXF) which has 16 channels of audio. The first 8 channels play no problem, but the second 8 channels don’t play at all. I saw there is an open ticket on github regarding 16ch audio, but I couldn’t figure out if it was ever resolved or if it’s still not available yet. Here is my channel config:


Any help would be great! If I need to switch to a different version of the server to get 16ch that’s not a problem. It just needs to be able to output 1080p5994 at 16ch audio / video clip to a decklink quad2. We usa a PNG to overlay a Channel xx label for each playback channel and we have 16 channels of video (2 decklink quad 2 cards) on the system. All channels play on a continuous loop as a test generator. This works perfectly fine except for the missing audio 9-16 channels.

I’m pretty sure that hasn’t changed.

Unless you need v2.3 I’d recommend the NRK release which I think still supports 16 channels.

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