1 PC - two servers running?

Is there any way to run two server instances on one PC?
I need to use 2.0.7 to be able to run playlists (grouped files) and 2.3.1 for dynamic HTML templates

Sure. Just change the ports in the config files (5250 / 5251 / 5252). If you want to run the same executable with different settings, just pass the config file you want to use as an argument: casparcg.exe config_2.config

I run multiple instances all the time like this:

Changed to 5251 in config for 2.0.7 and added a server in the client settings (2.0.8), but only one server shows in the client, both on 5250 and 5251? It´s always the last started serverversion?

Did you try sending any command to them? May be a client bug or a need to a PC reboot.

Don´t know what went wrong. I deleted both servers from the client, and then it just worked. Thank you for helping me out!

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