Updating CasparCG Setup Videos


this comes at the right moment, were everybody has time to learn something new. Thanks a lot! Will read trough it in the next few days.

Keep up the good work!


I think this should be linked somewhere visible in the website. casparcg.com needs some directions to many new places too. And a redesign. Not a cosmetic facelift, a redesign.

Do you know who maintains the official CasparCG website? Once this guide is finalized and ready for production, I would gladly reach out to them will all the info to add it.

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The domain casparcg.com is owned by SVT. The guy responsible for it is Armin Hafizovic: @Armin

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I’m seeing a few HTML template builders popup in the passed few weeks and I’m curious how valuable everyone thinks this guide is? Is it possible that by the end of the year, we will all be building templates from a generator? Is there a limit to how complex these generated templates can get?

I think that a generator should work similar to the Templste Genrator we have for Flash. It adds the Caspar specific stuff and also give a way to test the template, preferably by sending it to Caspar. If that could be made available from VS Code and/or Adobe Animate etc. that would be of great help.

Didn’t show that in the video, you can actually develop with the NxtEdition framework live on CasparCG.

I’m curious how far you expect the gfx builder to go? Do you ever think creating something like this will be possible without knowing the underlying code?
I just don’t want to put the wrong kind of informational content out there ( Especially if there are better and easier ways ) but, if there is going to be a need to know how to script graphics yourself. Then the guide still may be a good idea to peruse.

What I envision above is something, that can go through a HTML template project and add the Caspar specific code to it. It could be made to add a special class name or something, that marks the object to be a dynamic text (that is basically what Templatebuilder in Flash does). If we could add a few tricks to it, so that we could also dynamically change the image content or the color etc. just by “marking” an object with a class-name or id, that would be nice too. If that add-in (or what it is in the end) also make the template to run in Caspar for testing, that would be another plus.

Beside that I would like to see a tool to convert Photoshop, After Effects or PowerPoint graphics to HTML templates without a lot of code modifications afterwards. But that is another story.

I think I understand. To clarify, the current tools being released simple add additional functionality to what would be a hand scripted graphic. No real “HTML generation” is happening aside from some injection for CasparCG.
If that is the case, has anyone had a chance to review the Gitbook linked about?

It’s been about a month since release. Does anyone have any recommendations and / or fixes for the guide?

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