Template generator error: runScript: Argument number 1 is invalid

Hi guys!
I have a template generator CasparCG Template Generator 2.1.2 CC. There is a instruction how to set it up: i need to copy some files to some folders. This works normally at one pc and show this error (as above) at the other pc. What it can be?

Have you filled in the name an e-mail fields inside the Template Generator? It sometimes complains when you leave them blank.

Sure! I’m filled these text boxes. But:

  1. issue still remain (with filled Author & e-mail)
  2. after restart of Animate these texfields are empty. It seems like it doesn’t save info for some reasons… which reason?((((

There is a “Save” button on the “Settings” pane…

it is not acive… i found that settings (Author and others`) doesn’t saved after restart Animate. May be something wrong with access rights?

I think it only becomes active when you enter the settings for connecting to Caspar server.

Anyway, the issue is solved. The reason: wrong installation workflow (installation was manual). I’ve checked the paths and everything is ok