[SOLVED] No HTML animations in 2.2 and 2.3 (due to QUADRO Drivers)

So because of the COVID started doing more CasparCG again. Our old templates are all Flash, but now we want to incorporate Emoji’s into messages.
After spending some hours in flash we came to the conclusion that inline images in html text are always shown at the start of the text that was a dead end.

So time to start learning some JS, and test some templates. But somehow I don’t get any animations in 2.2 and 2.3. While in 2.1 we do have animations but no standard emoji’s, that can of course be fixed by replacing them for tags.

But I want to be future proof and understand why the jquery animations are not working. Also, the ccs animations sample is not working in 2.2 and 2.3

I made a little video about the issue: https://youtu.be/ZHRxUeg4sYQ

This is the test HTML page a want to display:

HP z640 - 2x Xeon 2,4Ghz - 64gb ram - Quadro k4200 - Denklink Duo
Win 10 pro
IE 11.9
Edge v83
Chrome v83

Seems to work fine in this fork: https://github.com/nrkno/tv-automation-casparcg-server/

That’s not really a solution or explanation for your problem, but perhaps enough to work with for now?

I just installed 2.2 on a older z600 machine and same version works fine:

The z600 has a GTX 1050ti and no Quadro k4200, but that should not matter right?

So that works for now, but would really like to know why it is happening on the z640.

Just installed 2.2 on another z640 machine and again no animation in the HTML page.

Going to swap the video card, see if that makes a difference.

So it does work on the z640 when the 1050ti is inserted.

Current drivers for the quadro are version 353.30 going to test some other versions.

Ok updated the quadro drivers to v442.92 and the fading animations work!

That only took about 10 hours. haha

At least the next person will have a quick solution.

[edit] Thing dat set me off was that the fading does work in 2.1, so why would it be a videocard driver issue. Now updated my driver on my default install USB stick. This won’t happen again.